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First Diary Post!

Thanks for checking out our website which has been set up to document Millie's life. We're happy to have a private central hub where family & close friends can come and check up on Millie's activities and pictures.

"That's what Facebook is for!" you say? Well, we would like a separate platform to Facebook. Our goal is to keep this website updated constantly and when Millie is of age, we can give her a password to access this site and she can find all of her milestones, as well as mummy and daddy's history of diary posts. It'll be like unlocking a vault of hidden treasure, and I don't think Facebook has the same effect.

Mummy will also be making posts in Japanese, so that her family and Japanese friends can enjoy Millie's life, too!

We hope you enjoy our uploads and thanks again for checking out babiesdiaries.com!


May 7, 2021
Luke Allen
Luke Allen
7th May, 2021

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