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She's growing up very fast. It seems that she has a new habit. This new habit that Millie has learned is called "screaming". That's right, now when Millie wants attention, she screams πŸ˜…. It's not just a little baby scream, oh no, this scream of hers comes right from her little toes. The neighbours probably wonder what on Earth is happening in our apartment, but it's just little Millie laying on her back wanting some well-deserved attention 😍😍

Millie has been going to the day nursery for quite some time now. The teachers there really like Millie. She went to the day nursery wearing her new red dress today! I'll be sure to post some photos in my next post, I didn't have chance to snap her in it because daddy is a busy bee.

While Millie isn't screaming, she's usually smiling, drinking or sleepingπŸ˜πŸ€— She is super cute when she's asleep. There have been a few occasions where she has a bad dream and screams, it's not nice to see that. But after picking her up and telling her everything is OK, she soon went back to sleep. Luckily, Millie's not had a bad dream for a while and often sleeps soundly.

Millie fast asleep in her little cow-themed, half sleeve nighty.

Sometimes when daddy has a holiday, I'll give Millie her bottle in the early hours. Since I've been developing a lot of websites lately, I've been running on empty. But my little princess will get her milk no matter what time it is and no matter how low on energy I am πŸ’—

I think this was taken at around 04:00 πŸ€ͺ

She makes me laugh every single day. She's just the best x

Millie had her TB jab today. Mummy posted about it in Japanese but I'll also update in English for the awesome English folk back at home. πŸ™

I usually work full days on the weekends and her appointment had fallen on a Saturday (7th May, 2021). However, although I came home earlier than usual, I had to get a box sent off for my side business over at https://japanesekonbini.com - I also secretly didn't want to see my little princess scream after having 18 needles. 18 needles!? Yes! Japanese style is very different to what we're used to in the UK. Where we have just one needle in the UK, albeit a very thick needle, the Japanese TB jab (or BCG; Bacillus Calmette–GuΓ©rin), is spread into a square shape made up of 9 thin needles (3x3), and this is done twice. My wife posted a picture in her post which you can see here:


This will get worse over the next few months, so we'll be keeping a close eye on her. Luckily she didn't cry too much after having her jab. By the time she arrived home, she was sleeping before we knew it! All that crying tired her out big time 😍

Millie is always full of smiles. She smiles at the smallest things and laughs at the silliest things. It breaks my heart to see her cry, especially at the hospital after getting her jabs. Kid's injections in Japan are extremely plentiful; it seems like Millie has to go to the hospital almost every month! I'll be posting Millie's vaccinations online soon so that we have a nice record online where you guys can have a look, too! πŸ™‚

Anyway, it's never nice to see your kids cry, so instead of thinking about Millie's dark time at the hospital, I tried to keep myself occupied by adding content and features to this website. I've added profile pages for Mummy and Daddy! I will add more content to them later with more dynamic data.

I'm also working on making live graph data from data tables; I can use spreadsheets or .csv files to make basic data and have them come up on the front-end as line graphs, pie charts etc. Here's a live example of her weight:

[wpdatachart id=2]

These will be awesome little additions which can be used on her personal info / statistics page. Anyway, I digress.

I'm happy she's full of smiles after such a hard day 😫 - Millie-chan, you're fast asleep right now. It is midnight and daddy is about to go to bed too. Thank you Arisa for being an amazing mother πŸ’—πŸ™


Thanks for checking out our website which has been set up to document Millie's life. We're happy to have a private central hub where family & close friends can come and check up on Millie's activities and pictures.

"That's what Facebook is for!" you say? Well, we would like a separate platform to Facebook. Our goal is to keep this website updated constantly and when Millie is of age, we can give her a password to access this site and she can find all of her milestones, as well as mummy and daddy's history of diary posts. It'll be like unlocking a vault of hidden treasure, and I don't think Facebook has the same effect.

Mummy will also be making posts in Japanese, so that her family and Japanese friends can enjoy Millie's life, too!

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